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Stake Holders Management

"Stakeholders are those who are interested in the project are affected by the activity of the Project." ex: External regulators, Project Management Office (PMO), Project Manager(s), Project Sponsor/Executive, Suppliers and Users etc.

Management of stakeholders is often overlooked and it's a very important that project managers should pay special attention to them to attain several benefits involved which helps to run the project smoothly. Project managers should avoid looking at this task (Stakeholders management plan) as an activity that is to be completed as a part of project management life cycle.

The main purpose of the stakeholders management plan is to make sure the relationships among the principal people involved in the project have been discussed and the information flow between them is agreed. In contrary, these principal people won't pay much attention to this task and they actually allow the relaxations on project deadlines and complain about that they are not informed and relationships are not working properly. Instead of paying little attention to stakeholders management against other project activities and complain about it later, a well devised stakeholders management plan established (a well sorted and completed electronic form with 3 major columns such as supporter, influence and involvement will suffice.) in this phase will help project managers to save lot of time and reap benefits of the plan in the subsequent stages of the project.

Project managers must spend time to build strong relationships with all the identified stakeholders and especially with those who has high level influence or involvement and doesn't support the project. There are several skills required to make sure they stay motivated and contribute to the project which we will discuss in the later stages or soon.

Also, It's important to remember the project manager to submit a well sorted (by removing the terms such as 'doesn't, 'always difficult' etc) and completed stakeholders management plan or submit nothing. Submitting this plan/form due to lack of time in a raw state gives raise to several other problems and cause damage to morale.

In a nut shell, It's important to maintain build strong relationships with principal stakeholders and they won't grow on their own. If you do not find time to manage everything it's important you should finish the form for the main principals and should be kept private and reviewed often during the project initiation phase.


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