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Start Long-Lead Activities

Project managers who assume to get past the steering group approval & business case can help them to start the work may not be heading in the right direction by skipping lead activities in advanced projects as this is another time consuming stage of project initiation.

During the initiation phase of advanced projects project managers need to take risks such as starting the activities which are yet to be approved. It's not that you start working on all the activities in the very beginning but all some of the activities which require early attention. After identifying such tasks you may need to approach the suitable line managers to make sure they would help in their respective fields and convince them to identify the unapproved resources. Two more problems you may face here are these line managers are ready to help or reluctant to extend the help.

These line managers needs to be encouraged to indulge in the tasks and should define boundaries within which they need to operate and these boundaries should be discussed with them properly to make sure they stay within the criteria of what is acceptable and isn't acceptable. You should set up a form to define the boundaries of the tasks given to line managers and it allows you to discuss all of the necessary topics to be covered. Completion of this form can be accomplished in one meeting and make sure this form has been submitted electronically so that you can publish it quickly and can traceable whenever required quite easily.

Though you might have started these tasks informally, at some point of time you may need to approve seek approval from the steering group. During the early stage of the project initiation this group shall be busy with other tasks and you may need to wait for the approval until 3rd or 4rth meeting.

Some of these managers are not quite keen to join the work at this early stage and there are several method involved to convince these managers who are ambivalent. Some times it may not to be possible to initiate these tasks without unapproved resources and hence you should wait until you receive the approval of the steering group. When the business case has been approved you should be able to terminate all these tasks. More about this phase shall be discussed during the macro plan.


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