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Internal Linking Architechture and Insights

A good navigation will help visitors and search engines to navigate and crawl respectively within the website to ensure all the related topics are more accessible for the users and search engines. Like, I mentioned in my internal links post search engines can't understand the links after performing a search and pull downs. Also, they won't perform any search on your behalf to understand the several important internal links available after the search. Hence it is strongly recommended to make the links to important sections of your website available within several clicks or possibly on the home page.

As a part of optimizing the Internal links develop multiple pages with at least or more than 300 words to describe a specific topic and it's subsequent topics. Don't practice this task as a part of generating multiple pages.   in detailed with exclusive & meaningful content. This would help to generate more internal links while expanding the content, which will also help to increase the search presence. Make sure you use the sitemaps and webmaster tools effectively to make sure the content and links are indexed thoroughly and deep.

Now, with advanced Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and J query programming techniques webmasters can design menu's, that will open and close on hoover, which are a click away to any important section/page of the website. These methods allow the site owners to include lot of links and yet show only important information and other useful elements of the page to end users.

Try to understand the users of your website based on your industry and identify the information your site visitors generally or most commonly look for. Use breadcrumbs to help the visitor to understand their position and help navigate from one location to another section of the site.

Types of links that are quite useful for navigation are text links, image links, call to action links, javascript links, AJAX links, video links and flash links out of which text links such as Menus, Content Links,  Footer links, any text links using more advanced technologies etc with appropriate anchor text  will help the search engines crawl your website quite easily. This will allow to increase the internal links to your webpages and monitor them using webmaster tools to make changes to improve the relevance.


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