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Performance Management and Measuring

Performance and it's control in an advanced project is a cumbersome activity and especially to overcome the difficulties associated with measuring performance & it's success. The key is to focus on the important and basic aspects of any project, Namely:  1) Timescale 2) Resource 3) Quality 4) Scope  Also, Project manager has to focus on the performance analysis to enable a better management of the project. Timescale: Timescale is obviously an important aspect and requires a special perspective to manage it better in advanced projects. Project manager has to understand what lies beneath the timing and not just timing as advanced projects deal with difficult and most advanced tasks to be accomplished. The general direction of the final goal to be achieved keep changing while progressing through the project which makes it more complex.  As shown in the above figure lack of certainty at the start of the project gradually improves as the project progres

Google Panda for Low Quality Web Pages

"Google's Panda update 4.0 is aimed at low quality sites like content farms." Google introduced series of algorithmic updates before penguin to filter the low quality webpages and to improve the quality of Google SERP's by reducing the pages with thin and unauthentic content. According to Matt Cutts, Content developed/rewritten should be of high quality and panda should not be able to match at least any 2 pieces of the content on the same topic of the original content and this entire exercise is to offer content which adds significant value to the users of it. Many classifieds and property portals will rely heavily on Google for traffic with/without adequate details due to which the visitors may be misguided with the partial information that is available with the listing which users provide. Classifieds and listings website(s) such as and should be able to gather adequate information from the visitors for business/property/job/services