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Best Practices to Capture and Engage using Visual Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing there is a fierce competition via online media. So, it's time to power-up your content with high quality, enticing and attractive with visuals to grab the attention of the target audience. Visuals help you to increase the user/customer engagement, loyalty and conversions. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter have started accommodating more videos and images on to their news feeds or posts to grab more attention and participation of the visitors to increase the engagement and returning visitors. Pinterest, being 4rth best social media site, is taking steps to accommodate more visuals into their feeds for better user experience. Not convinced? Read below reasons how visual content helps.

"A picture speaks thousand words."
1)) Visual content grabs the attention of target customers/visitors. Huge volumes of content units are generated on Daily basis with 2 million videos and 140 million tweets. With all those content which is free to share via social media, digital marketers can create several opportunities to increase their loyalty and conversions.

2) Human brains are very brisk, nearly 60,000 times faster, in processing the visuals than text information and hence visual content will have greater impact on the users brain than text. Visuals also takes precedence as brain pays more attention to the things it can process faster and it takes 1/10 of the time for brain to process visuals over text.

3)  Most of the human communication is non-verbal. So interlacing the well written text and visuals help to grab the attention and imagination of the visitors.

4) It's proved that visual content such as videos and images generate more likes, views and shares compared to text version of updates in social media feeds and increases the subscribers and followers.

5)  Visual content can also bring lot of inbound links which can boost your search results and hence it's important website owners must ensure deep and strong linking with appropriate meta content and Call to action(s).

6) Visual content is more easily understandable to get connected with your audience emotionally to take an action.

7) Video content is very much preferred, as the smartphones consumption has increased which allows to spend time with social media and web upto 4 hours a day. This is a great opportunity to enhance your loyalty using well directed videos that can show impact and can be shared in flip of a second. 25% of the smart phone users watch atleast one video per day.

8) Compelling visual content makes targeted visitors stay longer with your website or social media profile and most often long enough to stay longer to consume the message you are trying deliver.

Hope these reasons will help you to convince that visual content is quite helpful to increase the website/brand loyalty to increase the conversions and returning visitors.


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