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HootSuite Helps to Manage Your Social Streams help to manage all your social profiles at one place. Webmaster/Social-Media-analyst  can compose and send updates to their facebook, twitter and many other social media streams such as pinterest, linkedin and Google+.

Hootsuite offers the following solutions to any website owner who want to manage social streams/activities quite easily at one place:

Social Media Management: 
  • Manage your entire social lifecycle from one dashboard by scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts. To measure your social ROI you can create and customize analytics reports.
  • Streamline your workflows to share and assign tasks and receive real-time notifications. Distribute workload amongst team members irrespective of location and access  conversations.
  • Scale your team securely without sharing your passwords and work together with clients and team members to increase productivity with appropriate permission levels.
Social Marketing: 
  • Optimize the influence of the social outreach. Build global brand awareness by listening to your target audience/customers by participating/initiating conversations with your responses/opinions from a single dashboard.
  • Automate your outreach and build your presence while saving your resources with scheduling geo-targeted content to post at optimal times and reach your audience/customers irrespective of location to improve ROI.
  • Right from your dashboard, Get in-depth social media insights with the big data that matters to your ROI. Access all the metrics as they eveolve and create accurate reports and track brand insights.
 Social Selling: Ability to locate your quality leads and shorten the sales cycle by nurturing the customers while get in touch with existing customers for reorders.

Social Customer Service: Helps to measure customer satisfaction and happiness by quickly resolving the customer issues by collaborating across multiple teams.


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