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Google Pirate Algorithm and Other Updates

Google Rolled out Pirate algorithm update and many torrent sites were affected. Sitemaps: We all know that sitemap submission is an important part of the optimization and XML sitemaps are big in size downloaded less frequently than RSS/Atom feeds which are quite small with latest updates only.Never include the duplicate pages of the canonical pages as they the original copy has been already included. Also, Don't include the url's blocked by robots.txt into the sitemaps. How to bring your local business into online to improve the common goals such as increase revenue? Maile Ohye explains it indetailed: Get your local business listed in local business search results of google by creating a google plus page. Once you fill the form with correct address, google will send you a post card with a PIN number to be entered online in your account to verify the store presence. Once you are done with the verification process your business listing will appear in the maps and lo

10 Things you must know about Search Engines Optimization

2014 Insights of Search Engines Optimization: Website elements for SEO Search engine Rankings matters as long you can attain traffic from keywords that are relavant which cannot generate macro and micro conversions. This gives raise to several questions on what you should focus on: 1) Should focus on most important/profitable products or services. 2) Making changes to the website to increase the conversions. 3) Identify high converting keywords and Ubersuggest and Keyword Planner from Google helps to find more related terms to your main keyword to develop keyword strategy. In addition you can use the tools such as Semrush and Majesticseo to know more terms used by your rivals. 4) Prepare and execute keyword strategy to use them effectively in your website. 5) Start Using long tail keywords which in turn include your main keywords as most of your competitors still focusing on the two-term keywords. Long tail keywords can easily be incorporated into the scentence

Google Tag Manager and Predictive Analytics

Google releases new tag manager helps to digital marketing to gather fast and flexible data to analyse the use behavior on which you can depend for further analysis and make smarter decisions. Little head's up with terminology change in rules vs triggers. What once called as rules are now triggers and macros are variables .  Image: ​ Predictive analytics is going to play bigger role to develop digital marketing strategy in identifying market trends and understanding customer needs and preferences. IMG source: To get best out the predictive analytics make sure you define the goals of your digital marketing strategy. This could leverage the below advantages: 1) Nurture the leads. 2) Customer centric. 3) Design the campaigns according to market trends. 4) Create opportunities and revenues. 5) Improve user experience. 6) Be the first to predict the changes in the market trend. ​

Amazon tops Search spend in Google Advertising

Google's top 25 U.S. search-ad buyers alone spent $1.34 billion last year.  Amazon spent $157.7 million on Google U.S. search ads in 2013, by far the most by any company, according to Ad Age DataCenter's first ranking based on data from AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company focused on search marketing. Google's 25 largest U.S. search-marketing advertisers in 2013 Top 25 Companies by Ad Spend Walmart and Sears, amazon's competitor in retail e-business stood 7th in the paid search expenditure with $59.7 million. Homedepot, BestBuy, Target and Macy's couldn't be able to make in the top 10 and stood 15th, 18th, 20th, and 23rd respectively. Core strengths of are Search & Social traffic, wide affiliate networking, excellent customer satisfaction alongside wonderful user shopping experience using the cloud computing and web Services.