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I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn

Srikanth Akella would like to stay in touch on LinkedIn.
Srikanth Akella
Srikanth Akella
Sr Manager at Bip & Sum Software Solutions
Hyderabad Area, India
Hi Digital,
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
- Srikanth
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Gartner Survey on Digital Marketing Impact

Gartner conducted a survey in UK, canada and USA with 315 marketing executives and predicted the figures of digital marketing spend will increase by 17% in the year 2015 as most of the respondents are pro digital marketing expenditure. Gartner research director Jake Sorofman, also mentioned that is's very difficult to gauge upon how much spend is going to increase as the companies are maintaining seperate digital marketing budgets. 

Although, digital platforms are transforming the ways of marketing, Print and broadcast still dominate the advertising spend as many companies yet to hit double digit mark in sales revenue from digital platforms apart from UK.

Developing a Holistic SEO & Online Strategy

Identify the components of your business which may include Rich Media experience to interact with Videos, Social Media, Community Forum, Blog, Mobile Website/APP and a cool Website. Try to figure out how these components are connected which may defines your visitor journey to conversion(s). Now we shall go through the steps of building Search Engine Optimization strategy. 
1) Searcher Persona Workflow: Typically, a visitor journey will follow the steps shown in the below diagram. Firstly, visitors enters a search term to perform a Search in a search engine. Secondly, visitors will look for relevant results in SERP to click and enter a website which may offer the intended information, products or services.

Figure 1.1 - Searcher Persona Workflow   Third, visitors may go through the content of your page(s) if the visitor selects your result in search page and then goes to the last step of conversion provided if the visitor(s) satisfy with your products/services that you are offering and …

Google Panda for Low Quality Web Pages

"Google's Panda update 4.0 is aimed at low quality sites like content farms."

Google introduced series of algorithmic updates before penguin to filter the low quality webpages and to improve the quality of Google SERP's by reducing the pages with thin and unauthentic content.

According to Matt Cutts, Content developed/rewritten should be of high quality and panda should not be able to match at least any 2 pieces of the content on the same topic of the original content and this entire exercise is to offer content which adds significant value to the users of it.

Many classifieds and property portals will rely heavily on Google for traffic with/without adequate details due to which the visitors may be misguided with the partial information that is available with the listing which users provide. Classifieds and listings website(s) such as and should be able to gather adequate information from the visitors for business/property/job/services/oth…