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What are assisted conversions?

If a customer lands onto your website using a link of an ad-campaign and left  your website after few clicks. After 1 or 2 weeks time he/she comes back from search or direct or affiliate link and place an order with your website then those conversions called assisted conversion. These metrics will greatly help the marketers to understand search marketing response and value created by paid campaigns. 
Cookie length matter with these conversions - generally if the buying cycle is 2 months adjust the cookie length accordingly so that google analytics give you more insights of the customer behaviour and click source.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the "something" in each of us that is a bit intangible. It affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.

Emotionally intelligent people can pinpoint their feeling using exact word like nervous, irritated and frustrated etc instead just saying i'm feeling bad.

Emotionally intelligent people are more curious about the people they care and around them which enables empathy within them which is a road to high-IQ levels.
Emotionally intelligent people embrace change and they make plan of action to adapt themselves as they know fear of change is paralysing to their success and happiness.
Emotionally intelligent people can judge the other person's character as they can imagine what the other person is traversing through from their shoes. For more information refer to: Emotional Intelligence
Emotionally intelligent people never let anyone take away their joy and consider others opin…

Multi Tasking vs Single Task - Brain Capabilities

A new study conducted at Stanford university indicates that the multitasking people are less efficient than to those who do single task at a time as brain lacks capabilities to complete both the tasks efficiently. People who feel they have a special skill of doing multiple tasks at time are even worse than those who do one task after the other because the brain was unable organize quickly, move on to the next task quickly to recollect and process the information and filter irrelevant information.

Another observation at university of London, Multitasking (cognitive tasks) actually lowers IQ levels in men to that of an 8 year old and it's required you to do one task at a time especially where you required cognitive abilities to complete the tasks.  So, Don't write an email to the subordinate while watching football match. 
 Anterior cingulate cortex is the important area in your brain which causes empathy, cognitive and emotional control. Brain density around this area is very low…

Paypal Referral Traffic Exclusion - Google Analytics

​ If you are running an adwords campaign and one of your payment methods is direct paypal in your domain and facing difficulties to track the adwords conversions, below source of info/process will certainly be helpful to overcome the issue.

What you need:
1) Must be using ​G​ oogle ​​ analytics universal tracking code.
2) Paypal must return the customer to your domain once payment has been completed.
3) Adwords conversion tracking code must be installed in the success.html (example) page to track the conversions. 
4) Now begin the process below.


Make sure you add in the 8th step. This will help you to exclude the referral traffic from paypal via (after payment) conversions and append the visit to success.html to adwords transactions/conversions.  Paypal Referral Traffic Exclusion process will greatly help you enable the conversion optimizer to your campaigns in adwords and get more accurate analytics data.
Hope this helps.
Thank you!

Pros of Facebook Advertising

4 R's that encourage facebook advertising

Reach :- You can reach many audience very quickly.
Relevance :-  Can edit the target audience to filter the unwanted reach.

Repetitive :- You can target the same group of chosen audience on successive days/weeks/occasions.

Responsive :- You can observe & measure the response from the audience quickly.